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Dear MMS Families,

I will say it made my heart sing to see so many families outside with their kids this weekend, just hiking and riding scooters and enjoying nature.  If it rains and you have some inside time, here are a few ideas that you can try out at home!

Miss Kathy

While working from home, I was able to attend a wonderful Webinar with Montessori Gym. The silver lining for the Primary children is that this is a great opportunity to work on many individual skills while alone.

Movement Resources

Mindful Breathing Ball Video

Knees Up Mother Brown Video with Miss Colleen

Movement Activities

Animal Walks:

Children love to pretend that they are animals! These activities provide great benefits including:  coordination, motor planning, strengthening, and stretching.

Scarves:  Children love to play with colored scarves, and this is a great way to teach catching and throwing with a SLOW moving object.   I find it helps to roll or ball the scarf up to throw and then as it unwinds it is a soft, slow and unintimidating object to catch.   Here are a few videos of ideas to try with scarves at home.

Yoga: A great way to build core strength and balance with your child. Many of you have the cards Yoga Pretzels, available at Borders. We use these at school, and the children enjoy picking a card and learning the steps to complete the pose. I think some good starting poses are: Downward Dog, Mountain, Cat and Tree. Boat and Plank both are excellent for core strength. If your child is a bit older and needing some strength and core work, see if you can try Wheelbarrow with them. This is challenging for many of our five-year-olds and will help build some endurance so they can learn to cross the monkey bars.

Balls: We have been working on some basic ball skills. If you have an easily bounce-able ball, like the red rubber rhino balls (like a small basketball, softer), I like to have the child practice bouncing and catching by themselves or perhaps a bounce pass to a partner.  If they are more advanced, they can practice dribbling with two hands first and then one hand.

Balance Activities:

Try having your child balance an egg or pom pom or ping pong ball in a spoon. Can they walk across the room with their other hand behind their back? Can they go up the stairs?

Hopping on one foot. How many hops on each foot can they do in a row? Maybe set up a hopscotch area in the driveway. 

Walking the Line

In the classroom, we offer a line in the shape of an ellipse, so the children can work on refinement and control of movement.
At home, you can use painters tape and create a long line for your children to walk on.

They will balance an object (in our case, a cherry tomato!) on a spoon as they walk around the line.  Or a bean bag to balance on their head, or a small glass of water that cannot be spilled!

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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