Montessori at Home: Student Photos

“The true basis of imagination is reality.”

Maria Montessori

Share with us a photo of your home and environments. Capture the beauty and wonder of our natural or manufactured world, walk us through your work station and big work projects, or simply make us laugh with a photo of your pet! This space is dedicated to seeing the world through the eyes of our Montessori students.

Remember to include a brief description of your photo, your name, and your class.

Please note that this is a public website.

“A Mountain of Cantaloupe” ~ Mother’s Day
Neyla-BKF 4th Year. Painting her Backdrop for the civilizations wax museum.
Neyla-BKF 4th Year. Seedlings are growing!
Neyla-BKF Baking cinnamon rolls with her grandma!
Neyla’s cinnamon rolls!
BKF Science Lesson
Stella’s 6th grade Stem Lesson with Minnie
Garlic Fries with Scallions!
Natalie’s Longest Math Problem
Burrowing Owl
Cooking with Matt.
Creating “gods” for The Iliad
Emerson – Pelican Class – Terra-cotta Pot painting activity
Emerson – Pelican Class – Wooden Egg Painting
Emerson – Wooden Egg Decorating
Baking success
Seb working out the percentages of each LEGO color for a 3898 piece LEGO set
Wilder takes PE very seriously – Peloton Ride
Savannah – Belted Kingfisher
Max works on math flashcards with Constantin
Scarlett with two chicks
Chelsea – Burrowing Owl
Chloe – Great Blue Heron
Knox’s Vitamin C Morning Juice
1 apple
1 cucumber
1 bunch celery 
10 -12 strawberries 
1 orange 
The Rooster in Readers Theater Play
Song Sparrow student plays Guess Who?
Collecting pine cones to paint
The cafe is open for business
Pelican Class – Henri Matisse “Drawing with Scissors” lesson
Math Board Game
Plant Science Experiment
Aaron & Noe
Burrowing Owl/Pelican
Attending cooking class with Matt, making Pizzalinas!
Belted Kingfisher
Neyla is working on sentence analysis. She created her own sentence analysis materials before starting her work. 
Chickadee Students
Chickadee Online Classroom
Chickadee students enjoying a goofy moment with Lower Elementary teacher Allwyn Fitzpatrick.
Hand-made flash cards.
Working on birthday compliments!
Daily Schedule
Butterfly release! -Liv (Sandpiper)
Savannah working on the backdrop for the
civilizations project in BKF!
Set of metal insets made by Knox’s dad, Rob.
Sea Animals
Hazel and Meyer, BKF and Chickadee,
Couch to 5K Day 1!
Kayla walking in the Presidio forest; a Bay Checkerspot caterpillar spied on the same walk.
Ashley has enjoyed working with her classmates from home. Especially, Movement, Knitting and a project to read books online for Toddler & Primary.
Liv picking lemons for lemonade.
Liv feeding chickens
Liv herding sheep
My Side of the Mountain – Book Club
Before Nasturtium Water Exploration
After Nasturtium Water Exploration
Eric made his own decimal checkerboard and the materials to go with it.
Baking with Matt
Noe proud of her lemon study
Wilder – Karate Lesson
Savannah hard at work with Minnie
Max in class meeting
Sewing project: Woofie the puppy!
Chelsea – Parts of a Flower
Chloe – Parts of Leaves
Knox’s Vitamin C Morning Juice
Sounding out and building words around the house with movable alphabet
Collecting treasures
Adventure awaits, even in the bushes!
Scooter ride
Following the recipe
Burrowing Owl Multiplication Lesson
Counting and Equations
Finn and Tessa
Pelican/Burrowing Owl
Growing salt crystals!
Tess and Kellan
Burrowing Owl/Chickadee
Painting Eggs
John Adams Study
Burrowing Owl
Isaac & Noe
Working on “action words,” and writing a story about a pigeon.
Sand Sentence Anlysis
Isaac and Noe showing each other their activities at home.
Isaac engaged in a home practical life activity.
Alexis making more beeswax wraps for market
Wilder cooks with Chef Dad – Recipe Creation
Kai – Pelican Class – Leaf Washing!
Wild iris found in the park, photo taken by Kayla – GBH
Book Club Characters!
Calliope baked an organic strawberry and blueberry pie for her creative expression work. She made the pie crust in a bread making machine. 
Wilder tackled Lego Architecture and built the US Capitol building in a day!
Ashton learning compound words with Anna & Burrowing Owl first years.
Homemade biscuits
Aaron baking with Matt
Arielle – A bit of Practical Life Lesson
Wilder making a quilt with mom.
Sewing + the Fibonacci sequence…
Savannah – Belted Kingfisher
Annabelle working on sentence analysis with classmate via FaceTime while big brother Seb helps.
Today’s sewing project: turtle!
Raising baby chicks. Sasha holding little Mika.
The Art of Car Maintenance
Pelican Class – Study of Sea Animals
Down in the dirt
Music time with Dada
Mountain Lake Park
A delicious homemade treat
Doodling with Mo Willams
John Adams Study
Junior High
Needs of a plant study
Eagle Study
Egyptian Sarcophagus Lego Model
Andrew and Ashton
Chickadee & Burrowing Owl
“Montessori at Home” Classroom

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