Montessori at Home: Joy Journal

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”

Mark Twain

Join the Joy Challenge. Consider starting a family “Joy Journal”: After dinner or before bedtime, reflect together on good moments from the day–moments of laughter, engagement, kindness, simple pleasures–and record some of these moment then share them with us!

Together we can train our brains away from the hardwired negativity bias and strengthens our happiness and optimism muscles.

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2020 End of the Year Celebrations

Click the photo above to see a few snapshots of our end of the year festivities!

Anna’s Birthday Parade!

Update from Creekside Farm

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Pam!
Knox Shares Birthday Wishes for Miss Pam
Pam and Melissa’s Pelican Class students receive a lesson on creating a homemade bird feeder.
Making Sun Pickles!
Preparing for Book Club
Ashton and his mom singing a multiples of numbers song!
Check out Upper Elementary Student Skye drumming along with Rush’s ‘Subdivision’

Pam Enjoys Her Birthday Parade!
Families Line Up for a Surprise Birthday Parade for Miss Pam!
These are colorful eggs from our new hens at the Junior High farm. The dark brown ones are from chickens called Cuckoo Marans.

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