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I am hoping everyone is staying safe and happy. What an interesting time to be alive! I wanted to share with everyone a few tips on how to stay active during this challenging time. The physical and psychological benefits of daily exercise are undeniable, and in times of uncertainty having a fitness regime you can fall back on can really help keep life a little more structured. Your fitness routine needn’t be complex, require equipment, or leave you covered in sweat and unable to stand up. It should be simple, fun, and tailored to your ability. A proven way to increase your commitment to working out every day is to track your progress on paper! Make a chart, record what you did, look back on your progress, and feel good!

I look forward to sharing a weekly workout and 30-Day Fitness Challenges. Staying active can be easy, fun, and tremendously beneficial during times of stress. So, let’s do this!


30-Day Fitness Challenge:

These challenges start slow and get harder. If you miss a day just jump back on!

Week One: 50 Push Up Challenge!

Weekly Workouts:

Here’s a workout I’ve been doing every morning this week. It’s a great way to start the day!

Week One: Cardio Fix Workout

Mini P.E. Lessons with James:

Check in next week for a fun mini P.E. lesson.

Mini P.E. Lesson

James’s List of Equipment to Keep Children Active

I have curated a short list of equipment that might make your time at home more enjoyably active. For the time being these things can be found on Amazon, and I have included links.

  • Pogo Stick- Children love to bounce. With a pogo stick they will be bouncing all over the place. There are a ton of great products out there. Here are the two I get for school.
  • Jump Rope – There are a ton of options out there. Find one that fits you!
  • Hula Hoop – At the risk of being repetitive hula hoops are just like jump ropes. Find the type you like!
  • Frisbee- The only frisbees you need. The Jstar is an excellent jr. size disc, also a bit softer. The Ultrastar is the only disc ultimate players will use.
  • Pop a shot – I have experimented with a couple of these; the cheaper ones did not last as long. That being said you will 100% get your money’s worth; the children love this game and will play it for hours! As an additional bonus it’s a 3D puzzle experience putting it together!
  • Balance Board- My favorite is the Indo Board, I’ve had mine for 16 years now and still use it, so it is a product that lasts. There are also a number of other balance boards on the market, and I’m sure they are great too!
  • Ultra Dash – This is a silly little product: you set up the colored bases, then the handheld timer flashes a sequence of colors, and you try to run around and match the colors as fast as you can. It is a great way to get children moving.
  • Pedometer – I haven’t actually used this brand, but we all know counting steps can be a great motivator for movement!
  • Running Parachute – Nothing gets a child excited to run like something designed to slow them down!
  • Medicine Ball – There are countless ways a medicine ball can add resistance to your workouts.
  • Giant Bubble Balls – These are FUN! A great way to safely knock each other about, or use it solo and do flips and spins!
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