Junior High

Supporting a continued Montessori education for your adolescent while at home is possible, and we, the Junior High team, are here to help.

Despite the level of uncertainty and anxiety that we are all facing, this time at home will not be wasted for your student. Working from home presents unique opportunities for your adolescent to stretch their skills in time management, develop self advocacy, and provide the time and space to dive into new interests and take on complex projects.

Adolescent Program Expectations

Students are expected to:

  • Be on time to virtual meetings and classes.
  • Schedule their own time for independent work.
  • Review lessons and readings.
  • Keep up with their online planner.
  • Check both email and Google Classroom each school day for updates.
  • Submit or review assigned work according to guidelines.
  • Curate work to be submitted upon return to school.

Parents are invited to:

  • Check in with your child each morning to plan school work time and work space
  • Maintain daily conversations about work progress
  • View and discuss suggested movies/web inquiries with your child when possible
  • Share news items

The Junior High will:

  • Provide weekly schedules
  • Provide “office hours” availability
  • Answer student or parent emails within 24 hours

Program Specific Needs and Expectations

  • In general, we expect Junior High School students to take responsibility for completing their work within the timelines provided.
  • There is an opportunity for parents and students to discuss topics of inquiry from their studies. Watching or reading the news together and otherwise having adult-style conversations is very important. While we don’t expect parents to review assignments, please do support work completion.

Thank you also to Tokyo Montessori and Arbor Montessori School for additional content, as well as the numerous Montessori collaborators worldwide who have helped supply ideas and activities that we could pull from. This journal is a testament to the spirit of cooperation and work in service to the children of the world.

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