Lower Elementary

Developing a learning plan for your child: A Message from your Lower Elementary team.

Due to the temporary closure of MMS, we have come up with a plan for your children to continue their learning while at home.  We have spoken to each child to get them thinking about what they know they want and need to work on, and together we’ve come up with work ideas for each child.

Lower Elementary

Suggested Daily Schedule for Lower Elementary

Early Morning:
Make breakfast and clean up.
Complete chores (i.e., pet care, care of self, make bed, laundry, etc.)
Mid Morning:
Uninterrupted work cycle. Children should engage in activities from their work recommendation lists. Be sure to include Practical Life activities in the children’s daily work. Make sure that children record all of the work that they do.
Make lunch and clean up.
Afternoon uninterrupted work cycle. Make time for at least 30 minutes of silent reading.

Google Classroom Resources:

Lower Elementary Program Expectations

Students are expected to:

  • Plan and organize work with guidance from parents.
  • Follow teachers’ guidelines and academic expectations.
  • Work with integrity on assigned tasks—do your best!

Parents are invited to:

  • Guide your child to set up a prepared environment at home.
  • Establish a consistent routine and work schedule together.
  • Follow along with the teachers’ suggested activities to maintain skills and concepts.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to share and present work to you.

Lower Elementary Teachers will:

  • Prepare a variety of appropriate tasks and activities for children to complete at home in order to maintain and move their learning forward.
  • Communicate in a consistent fashion with parents, replying to emails within 24 hours.

Program-Specific Needs and Characteristics

  • Respect the stage of development—many Lower Elementary students are at a “concrete level” and require the Montessori materials to complete certain tasks. Teachers will guide you regarding what work makes sense for your child.
  • Develop ideas that allow the opportunity for Lower Elementary students to build from their interests. Examples may include projects, journals, creative writing, geometry constructions, Practical Life at home.

Thank you also to Tokyo Montessori and Arbor Montessori School for additional content, as well as the numerous Montessori collaborators worldwide who have helped supply ideas and activities that we could pull from. This journal is a testament to the spirit of cooperation and work in service to the children of the world.

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